Hey all! It's lil ole me, Adara! So many people wonder about me -- what I like and what I'm like both in and out of my superheroine persona. Well, if you were wondering, here's a lil insight on the woman underneath the cape!

Likes: Showing off, flying at night through a thunderstorm, spending time with friends, honest people, Supergirls Incorporated website!
Dislikes: People who are late, supervillians, gold chains, onions, people always asking me to "bend something"
Favorite Superpower: Flight
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Anything with honey!!
Favorite Music: Swing, Salsa and anything I can dance to!
Favorite Thing About Being Super: Being able to help people and still do anything I want!
Adara 101

My Origin and History
Adara is the long-lost sister of Mandi Steele, transported to Earth twenty years ago with the hopes of one day becoming a Protector. Due to the same circumstances that engulfed Mandi, Adara suffered amnesia during her journey to Earth and was separated from her older sister.

Adara was adopted an early age and grew up in Southern California. Due to her enhanced genetic makeup, Adara excelled in athletics and received a volleyball scholoraship to USC where she led the women's team to two NCAA National Championships.

Though she was incredibly gifted athletically, Adara never had the slightest thought that she was different than any other girl. Upon moving recently to Las Vegas, Adara's powers recently manifested, resulting in her hurting an innocent bystander accidentally.

Adara has since chosen to keep her powers under wraps until she can discover more information on how she became so strong and powerful almost overnight.

Through unexplainable circumstances, fate has ironically brought both sisters to the same location in SE Nevada where they have discovered each other and enjoyed a renewed sense of family.